MS Run The US-Week 20 Training Rundown

Happy Humpday! 2 days away from the weekend- I honestly cannot believe how quickly May is FLYING BY! It does not even seem real that the relay segment that I've been working so hard towards will be here in 12 DAYS! I gained almost 3,500' last week and ran 61 miles (including 43 miles over 36 hours!). I'm feeling strong, but also tired and looking forward to next week where I have a huge cut-back before my relay segment! I've also had a few aches and pains, but I think that's to be expected and I'm just focusing on getting enough nutrition (and correct type of nutrients) and foam rolling 2x a day with icing in there as well. KT tape has been a serious favorite lately- just providing an additional amount of support in the places where I really need it! 


Monday: Rest Day- 20 minutes of strength work at home!

Tuesday: 5 miles easy over lunch! 87' elevation gain


Wednesday: 6 miles over lunch on the treadmill with 1 mile warm-up; 4 miles alternating incline/ decline; 1 mile cool-down. 20 minutes of strength work

Thursday: Complete Rest Day!


Friday: 7 miles easy early in the morning gained 1, 029' & 60 minute Pilates JumpBoard Reformer class over lunch


Saturday: 23 miles easy 2, 202' elevation gain. 20 miles solo; last 3 miles with Alex and Stella; followed it up with 5 minute ice bath (that's all I lasted for)!


Sunday: 20 miles easy on the treadmill; first 10 miles @ 1-2% incline (varied); last 10 miles @ -1 --> -3% decline and fast-finish @ 8:00 pace. Watched 2 movies to keep me entertained --> Moana & Pocahontas! 

Positive Splits:

  • fit in 3 strength training sessions
  • got in all of my mileage
  • foam rolling was on-par

Negative Splits:

  • Would like to stretch more after each run (and before too!)
  • nutrition could still be improved!

How's your training going?! Did anyone race last weekend? --> How'd it go?!?