MS Run The US- Week 19 Training Rundown

We made it to Humpday! Congratulations! I know these next few weeks leading up to my relay would fly by, but they are going SO fast! Anyone else feel like this happens when you're anxiously waiting for something? I'm getting nervously excited for my relay and slightly questioning whether I can actually conquer this crazy distance. I know things will work out and I'll make it, but it's amazing how daunting it can feel! Last week I did a bunch of easy runs and mixed them in with walking breaks to keep my heart rate low and focus on recovery from my marathon. I also fit in 1 strength training session and one pilates class and a few short sessions of yoga (at home). Foam rolling is my best friend right now and I try to do it twice a day (along with icing my "achy areas" - knee/ achilles). I've got two more weeks of harder workouts, then one week of tapering left to go!

Monday: Rest Day! My birthday! 20 minutes of yoga at home and some foam rolling


Tuesday: 5 miles on the trail. Alternating every 1/2 mile with walking/ slow running with Stella. 20 minutes of yoga at home & foam rolling to follow


Wednesday: Rest Day! Pilates class at lunch and foam rolling before bed

Thursday: 10.26 miles. 2 hours total (time was the goal). alternated every 1 mile of running with 5 minutes of walking. Foam rolled & epsom salt bath afterwards


Friday: 6 trail miles. Alternated first half with 1/2 mile walking with 1/2 mile running, then hit some snow and had a bit of a time crunch, so finished with slow running for last 3 miles. 


Saturday: 20 trail miles. 1, 312' elevation gain. Took it easy and did most of this running, but kinda died towards the last 6 miles (it was HOT! for me anyways... 75* out and sunny). Trying to focus less on pace, more on lower heart rate and covering mileage to get to my relay healthy & strong! 


Sunday: 15 miles on the treadmill. Kept it easy on the treadmill since I had already gained a significant amount of elevation this past week and didn't want to set myself up for injuries (i.e. may have if I ran more elevation/hills)

Positive Splits:

  • Fit in 2 strength training sessions
  • Fit in my mileage
  • Focused on easy recovery paces!
  • Slept in almost every morning & made breakfast at home...that NEVER happens!

Negative Splits:

  • Nothing! Trying to keep things light and easy and not be too harsh on myself in regards to paces.