MS Run The US Week 15 Training Rundown

Humpday! We're less than 50 days away from the start of my MS Run The US Relay Start line! AND less than 15 days away from the start of the Salt Lake City Marathon! Also I cannot believe that I failed to mention that we've officially entered into my Birthday month (it's on the 23rd). Although it will probably be gray/cloudy/rainy on my birthday, it's still one of my favorite days (I love holidays and birthdays) to celebrate another year of health, happiness, and achieving/setting goals. I also cannot believe I'm officially getting into my late 20's. Gosh. I feel old. As if logging into Facebook now and seeing names that I no longer know (because so many are married/ legally changed their last names) and so many baby photos didn't remind me! 


Anyways, I got completely off subject and now let's recap my last peak week before the SLC Marathon! I ran a total of 63 miles and got up exceptionally early (4am) every morning last week to fit my runs in and worked over 55 hours!! I'm honestly shocked that I made it through every workout and while I didn't *nail* my tempo run, I've learned that doing marathon-paced runs right at the beginning of the week isn't the best idea and will try mine this morning instead of bright and early on Mondays. I also managed to fit in a 20 mile long run (15 miles and then 5 miles later on) AND negative-split it. So that was really exciting for me! The runners high from that workout is still going strong 5+ days later.... ; )

Foam rolling with kittens before 5am...that was least they're super cute...

Foam rolling with kittens before 5am...that was least they're super cute...

Monday: 1.5 mi warm-up; 10 miles @ goal marathon pace 8:20-8:35 (actual: 8:31); 1.5 mi cool-down -> 13 miles total


Tuesday: 8 miles easy @ 10:05 478' elevation gain + 15 minutes of strength


Wednesday: 1.6 mi warm-up; 3 x 2 mi repeats @ 8:00-8:10 (800m (0.5 mi) recovery between sets)--> splits: 8:07; 8:03; 8:10; 1.9 mile cool-down --> 11 miles total


Thursday: 8 miles easy @ 10:00 + 10 min strength


Friday: 15 miles long-slow pace (9:03-9:18 goal) + 5 miles long-slow pace (9:03-9:18 goal) later on at lunchtime. Splits looked like this: first 5 miles @ 9:45; next 5 miles @ 9:20ish; next 5 miles @ 9:00ish; last 5 miles @ 8:50ish --> first 15 miles avg @ 9:21; last 5 miles avg @ 8:51. Foam rolled/iced afterwards and really didn't feel sore at all.

Saturday: 30 minutes of strength/foam rolling & 3 miles easy @ 10:21

Sunday: Rest Day --> lots of foam rolling & legs up the wall! & tart cherry juice extract

Positive Splits:

  • Negative-split my long run (yes, negative splits here is a good thing!)
  • Still fit in 3 strength training sessions
  • Hit my splits on my speedwork session!
  • Fit in my mileage and focused on nutrition

Negative Splits:

  • Tempo run could've been better
  • Didn't fit in as *much* recovery items as I would have liked (epsom salt baths/ legs up the wall/ recovery yoga)

How's your training going?

One thing you splurged on last week? <-- finished the last 5 miles of my long run and got a chocolate shake from DQ. It was amazing. Also got in a nap in the afternoon before the ice show that night. Perfect afternoon ; )