Training Rundown Week 13-MS Run The US

As I was typing out the title, I was thinking how amazing it is that we (as runners) do something consistently for 13+ weeks? Isn't that kinda insane? I can't think of ANYTHING ELSE that I've consistently stuck with for 13 or more weeks without at least a bit of slack. Well, my friends. Last week, I decided to give myself some slack. I worked all weekend leading up to week 13 and ended up getting a sinus infection and starting on antibiotics on Wednesday. I knew by Tuesdays run (it was beautiful outside, I got 9+ hours of sleep, I had new 'kicks and sports bra and I seriously STRUGGLED. walked more than a few times during my 6.5 miles) that something definitely was wrong and it was more than just allergies. I took Wednesday completely off and ended up going to the doctors later in the day (still made it to Pilates though so that's a win) and began some antibiotics. I don't think I would have even remotely stopped working out or running a few years ago, had I felt crappy. There's something to be said for aging a few years and getting a different perspective. I'm no longer 'in a rush' to keep going and moving forward- just trying to do what I can and know that extra rest or recovery days also make us STRONGER! What's your thoughts on taking a few extra days off when you're not feeling so hot? I also had a pretty strong 18 mile long run on Saturday (focusing on distance; less on pace), so the extra rest days --> really paid off.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.01.24 PM.png

MONDAY: 1.5 mi warm-up; 9 miles @ TM 8:20-8:35; 1.5 mi cool-down --> actual: 1.5 mi warm-up; struggled through 8.36 miles @ 8:38, no cool down. 9.86 miles total


TUESDAY: 8 miles easy --> actual: 6.5 miles complete struggle-fest. I think I averaged over 11:xx pace, but got new shoes so YAY!


WEDNESDAY: 45 minute Pilates class. rest day off of running

THURSDAY: rest day

FRIDAY: rest day

SATURDAY: 20 minutes of strength early AM & 18 miles long slow (slower than usual pace) 9:32 later in the morning

Fuel for my run! Love the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars

Fuel for my run! Love the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars


SUNDAY: 8.66 mile easy recovery miles treadmill run


Positive Splits:

  • Took extra rest days --> #winning
  • Got caught up on much-needed sleep
  • Can't wait to kick running's butt next week
  • Kitten cuddle overload --> #doublewinning
  • 44 miles for the week- not terrible for taking 3 days off. 

Negative Splits:

  • Didn't fit in all my workouts or runs, but hey- I took rest days which is honestly a HUGE win for me
  • Nutrition wasn't great
  • Antibiotics suck. 
  • Running when sick is pretty crappy.
  • Not running is also pretty crappy. 
  • I hate sinus infections.

How was your week?

What do you do when you don't feel good or feeling like you need an extra rest/recovery day?