Training Rundown Week 7- MS Run The US

Happy Humpday! I cannot believe I'm already almost 2 full months into my training plan! It really flys by and next week I'll be LESS THAN 100 OUT from my May start line (and much sooner for my Salt Lake City Marathon). I honestly feel like January just came and went so quickly. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and so I switched up when I did each of my workouts last week and that REALLY helped. I ended up starting my week with some tempo miles and did my long run on Thursday afternoon/early evening. I really had an inkling to run long all day at work Thursday and had the perfect window to do it after I got out at 3:30!


Monday: 10 miles; 1.5 warm-up @ 10:00; 7 miles tempo 8:20-8:35 (actual: 8:27); 1.5 cool-down. Rocked it. Felt strong and pace never felt hard.


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:55. Split this run up between teaching skating in the afternoon. 2.6 miles with Stella; 45 minute break; 3.4 miles solo


Wednesday: 8 miles (actual: 7 miles); 1.5 warmup (.5 warm-up); 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (400R- all done @ 7:08-7:13 pace on the treadmill); 1.5 cool-down (.75 cool-down). I started and finished this run by 6:30 in the morning at the gym (had to be to work by 7) and felt really strong and was going to finish out and get that last ~1 mile later in the day, but I felt strong and was good with just leaving it as is. 60 minute Jumpboard Reformer at the Pilates studio over lunch


Thursday: 14 miles long slow 9:03-9:18; 14 miles (8.6 miles; 1 hour break; 5.4 miles on treadmill) @ 9:03 . Felt strong and a bit sore. Normally I try not to do two hard workouts back-to-back, but where my Wednes run was done by 6:30pm and this run didn't even start until after 3:30pm, I felt recovered and ready to run hard (knowing that I'd take the next few runs super easy)


Friday: Rest Day. Switched around my rest days again. I had a terrible day at work and was feeling a cold possibly coming on. Slept in and just focused on recovery.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 9:59 on the treadmill & 30 minutes strength (started a new strength training program)


Sunday: 7 miles @ 9:58 599' elevation gain


Positive Splits:

  • Hit all my workouts
  • Sleep was a priority this week
  • Foam rolled almost every night before bed
  • Took a few Epsom Salt baths to recover
  • Hit over 200 miles in January!

Negative Splits:

  • Was 2 miles short on weekly mileage goal
  • Didn't get in 3 strength sessions (only 2)
  • Still no yoga :( 

Happy Wednesday! How's your training going?!