Feature Friday- 5 Things That I Can't Run WITHOUT

FRIYAY FRIYAY...I'm so excited it's FRIYAY! Are you excited?!? Sunday is all about work for me this weekend, but Saturday is free as a bird and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing yet! I hope you have exciting plans for the weekend! Tell me what they are in the comments- maybe you'll inspire me! I've been running quite a bit lately (outside especially) and wanted to share with you 5 items that I cannot live without right now when I'm out on the roads!!

-Brooks Ghost 10. These shoes are INCREDIBLE. I just want 25 pairs of them and for Brooks to never replace them. They're amazing.

-Jaybird x3 Bluetooth Headphones. Switching to wireless headphones took some getting used to, but now I absolutely love them. So much nicer to adapt to something that doesn't have a cord hanging out from it! 


-Mittens. My fingers almost always get chilly on any winter run and so I carry around these ridiculous old ratty mittens that I bought well-over 10 years ago for mayyybe $10. They're polar fleece and ripped, but still my favorite. Light and comforting. No idea what brand they are and I'll spare you a photo because they're disgusting looking. 

- Point6 socks. Ski Socks are totally my jam right now and they're so great when I run on trails that are still partially covered with snow. 100% merino wool and sooo comfy, plus the fun designs don't hurt either ; )


-Garmin Forerunner 235. I will never go anywhere without this watch (including the shower) and I'm 100% OK with that! I love love loveee this watch. Not always completely accurate when you get out on a race course, but what can you expect?


No sponsored posts on this one today, but just wanted to share the gear that I'm digging right now! 

What gear are you loving?!

What are YOU doing this weekend?

Running long this weekend? How far?!