MS Mondays- My Second Fundraiser Recap!

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead! I had my second tabling at City Market on Saturday from 10-2 (but only stayed until 1 because it was 15* out and snowing/ super windy!) and spent Sunday meal prepping/ doing a 3 mile cross country ski/ teaching skating. I'm really excited for next weekend because I have two full days off from teaching skiing at the mountain (I had to go in on Sunday for a bit).

We also made this amazing 'fresh market slaw' from a recipe in the Runners World Cookbook. It was super healthy (contained apple cider vinegar/ sesame oil/ white wine vinegar/ sesame seeds/mustard/ chives/green & purple cabbage) and soo tasty! I'll try to post the recipe of it over on my recipes section later this week! We paired it with barbeque 'sloppy joes' (also homemade and pretty healthy)! Perfect Saturday evening meal (while also catching up on House of Cards- we're on season 3). 


While we were only tabling at City Market from 10:15-12:45pm because it was so chilly out, I ended up raising $323 for my MS Run The US fundraiser! I honestly couldn't believe how successful it was and will be adding in a few more tabling sessions this next month because it really is a great way to raise awareness of the relay and MS, while also meeting some great people who have also been affected by the disease. 


So far, with my two tabling fundraisers at City Market I've raised $567! I have another tabling session scheduled for this coming Saturday from 10-2 and it should be nice weather, so hoping to stay for the entire four hours and maybe even surpass this past weeks earnings!

Have you ever tried tabling outside of a grocery store for a fundraiser? How'd it go?

How was your weekend?

How's your training going? <--I spent way too many days last week on the treadmill and looking forward to warmer temps this week and hopefully all my runs can be done outside! I need some fresh air!!!