MS Mondays- ALL ABOUT my FIRST Fundraiser!'s here wayyy too soon! Am I right?!? Is this how people who love their job also feel or is just the rest of us who haven't quite exactly figured things out yet? Either way, our weekend freedom is done and gone and now we've got 5 more days until we get it again! I hope you had a GREAT weekend. We got outside for a bit on Saturday and managed to get ALL the chores done on Friday night, so a weekend of fun (..or well just a Saturday of fun for me as I had to teach both skiing & skating on Sunday) it was. 

I wanted to share with you today all about my first fundraiser that I had for MS Run The US! I did some tabling at City Market (local grocery store) and honestly had NO IDEA what to expect. I either thought it would be slightly successful or a total flop (yeah..not very high expectations at all)! I created a few posters that had what I was doing and why I was doing it in SUPER simple wording, so that it was easier to read and those that were interested could ask me about it or just simply walk on by. 


I think that having the posters really visible next to my table helped immensely because we (Alex helped me out for most of the 3.5 hours..) even had someone drive by and hand out us some money to put in my donation jar!

It was super windy out, so we taped everything down extremely well and had just a few fliers out on the table (one about my yoga fundraiser and one explaining the run) and then some MS Run The US brochures. I only had a few people who actually took the fliers or brochures, but most were just interested in learning about what I was doing and why I was doing it!

I had a goal of getting ~$100-150 from the day (especially since it was so cold) and ended up getting $272!!! I couldn't believe how successful I was and also how many others I spoke with who either had a connection with Multiple Sclerosis or Running! Gosh...I really love my little community when events like this go so well.

I have another tabling in 2 weeks and can't WAIT to get it going! I'm also starting to brainstorm a few other fundraisers I could put together before my hopefully something will come together soon for them!

How was your weekend?

Any experience with fundraisers?! Any advice??

Long run this weekend- yay or nay?

PS The Olympics must really stress me out because we've nearly eaten an entire bag of sour candy that I got on THURSDAY. Gosh I just love all the Olympic coverage sooo much! What's your favorite event?