More SNOW, The Best Soup Ever?, & Book Review!

Happy Friday! What is the weather where you are? It came in snowing yesterday afternoon and didn’t stop for most of the night (definitely was not in the weather forecast too!). While I LOVE the snow, where we live now (about 30 minutes outside of town), it makes for a very long commute. Growing up in New England, they would cancel classes and people would be able to show up a few minutes late to work if the roads were really bad or icy - here in Colorado, drivers are CRAZY. Any condition, they drive so fast and pretend like an icy wind-swept snowstorm is just another bluebird day on the roads.

This pretty much accurately describes how I feel driving in the winter months here in CO.

At least the snow made for a beautiful 5 mile run yesterday afternoon though! I also clearly need to work on my photo taking skills mid-run. Definitely will not be winning any awards for this one!


Thank you to my STABILicers for making it a possibility to still run outside. Without you, I would be stuck indoors most days (or slipping and falling on the ice while attempting to run).


Made one of my favorite soups ever last night - Rainy Day Onion Soup! I got the recipe from this cookbook and it took 20 minutes from start-to-finish to make. So easy and also this cookbook- we have had an amazing meal from it every single time (no joke). It would make a great gift to a fellow runner in your life as well!


Got up early this morning to get in a nice 35 minutes of strength (at home), yoga, and 20 minutes of hiking on the treadmill! I got in a little over a mile in 20 minutes at 3.5mph and 10% incline. I'm on my way to building up my strength for my TBD 50-miler next year!


Also- Stella’s first selfie. She actually was just begging for my breakfast of granola, so it’s pretty easy to pose her when there’s food nearby ; )



I finished my 16th book for 2018 last weekend and I can’t believe that I actually read this much this year (possibly the most I’ve read in a year in a really long time)! It really helps that we’ve started reading for ~30 minutes before bedtime- it helps me relax and fall asleep faster (than watching TV).

When Life Gives You Lululemons was a cute and fast-read. It actually had a few of the same characters that The Devil Wears Prada has, which I honestly had no idea that was book before it was a movie! This wasn’t my typical type of book that I like to read, but seems like it would be a great read for the beach or vacation. Something where you don’t have to think too much and can kind of just breeze through it.

It wasn’t a page-turner (by any means) and didn’t have a crazy plot (also I could kinda tell where it was leading before things actually happened), but certainly had some relatable parts (a lot of women wearing stretchy pants (i.e. “lululemon clothing”) worrying about their careers, sex-life with their S/O, or growing old/stale). I would give it 3 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed it and never found myself bored with the storyline, just not necessarily the type of book that i gravitate towards.


Anyone else like reading before falling asleep?

Best last book you’ve read?

Favorite cookbook?!? —> Reading cookbooks is definitely also one of my favorite past-times. Yeah, I know. I’m weird.