Last weeks training RUNdown 11/26-12/2

Happy Humpday! Today’s a rest day for me, so I slept in and will get in some yoga & light stretching in later this evening. Also it was -2* this morning?!?!? I’m hopeful that it will get warmer so I can run again early in the mornings, but it still looks like it won’t improve for the next week or so. Guess I’ll have to still either get on the treadmill or wait until later in the day to run! Last night I had to split up my run and it was 20* during my first 3.75 miles and then 40 minutes later it was 12*?!?! Brrrr....

Whenever I have time to make a full breakfast, it immediately feels like a better day.  


Your morning cuteness


Last weeks training recap  


Monday, 11/26: 3 easy miles with Stella & 20 minutes of strength! It felt so good to finally get back out there to run (even just for a few miles). Physically it felt great, but mentally it was SO needed.  


Tuesday, 11/27: Yoga & stretching in the morning 


Wednesday, 11/28: 5 easy miles & 25 minutes of strength . A bit fast, but it felt so good to be back out there running in the morning! 


Thursday, 11/29 : 4 easy miles on the treadmill in the morning! 

Friday, 11/30: hike up the ski mountain (this will be my go-to cross training this winter) & 20 minutes of spin & 35 minutes of strength/ stretching after work 


Saturday, 12/1: 5 easy miles on the treadmill at home & 10 minutes of mobility training. First run of December!  


Sunday, 12/2: I wanted to do 4 miles, but only had time for a little over 3.  


Have a great Wednesday!  

Whats your favorite cross training?!?