I'm Very Upset About This & It's COLD.

I just heard the news and I’m pretty upset by it.


BUT then I just saw on the news this morning that it actually isn’t until January 1, 2019 SO that’s a bit of a relief. We have definitely watched the full seasons through at least 5 times. It’s one of the best shows (in my opinion) to just have on, get a few laughs, and get some chores (or dinner or laundry) done.

Also my view while writing this post this morning is my second-favorite way to start the day (after a run ofcourse…). I’ve really been loving my Oiselle camp cup- it keeps my coffee warm in the morning when the air in our house is still a bit chilly (also sitting under the heated blanket helps keep me warm as well ; ) ) …. It looks like they discontinued the camp cup, but I’ve linked to something kind of similar!


It has been SO cold here lately. Currently 3* outside this morning. I’ve been waiting to do my runs later in the day (because I’d rather run outside than on the treadmill if I can), but it’s still only in the low 20’s later in the afternoon. We’ve also been getting some snow showers (nothing too crazy), but it sure does make the core trail look so beautiful!


Also- it’s National Cookie Day. I have to know. What cookie is your favorite?!? I love either chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, or vanilla bean joe joe’s from trader joes (they are unbelievable- think of a golden oreo, but way better)!

Happy Colorado Gives Day! I love this state and how they dedicate a special day to support your favorite local charities. Do you have something like this where you live?


Where do most of your runs happen in the winter- outside or on the treadmill?

Favorite Cookie?

Favorite show you’ve been loving lately?