Feature Friday: TOP TEN POSTS IN 2018

Wohooo! We made it to Friday! Finally! I’ve got 6 easy miles on tap this morning and will be on the treadmill again since it’s going to be in the negatives (and I’m on Stella-duty early this AM before work). I’d also really love to skin up the mountain or go for a swim, but my schedule is pretty tight right now! Still a toss-up! I’d love to get in either one more hike session on the ski mountain or in the pool before we enter into 2019, but a new year is no reason not to make new goals and create new exciting schedules! Also did anyone else feel this way when getting a gift this Christmas (..obviously we feel this way on the inside because let’s still remain classy!).


This weekend is super busy for me with teaching skiing (tis the season), but it’s not so bad since I get to spend the entire day outside playing in the snow! I also have Monday (NYE) completely off, which is really exciting. I can’t wait! I have a million things I’d like to get done and will probably only get to like two of them. Ha. Anyone else think like this with to-do lists and days off?!? I’m all gung-ho until it’s the actual day-off and then I’m honestly pretty lazy! Let’s get to my top ten most-viewed posts this year!

Top 10 Posts in 2018!


10. The Post Where I Shared What My Training Will Look Like For Eugene Marathon!


9. The Post Where I Recapped My First Day of my MS Run The US Relay Segment #7 Where I Ran Up And Over Rabbit Ears Pass!


8. The Post Where I Describe What I’m Doing This Weekend In Memes


7. The Post Where I Share How I Fundraised $10, 581 for MS Run The US!

6. The Post Where I Share The Article On My MS Run The US Journey from The Summit Daily


5. The Post Where I Talk About The Importance Of Courage & Taking Time For Yourself

4. The Post Where I Share The Top 5 Songs On My Playlist Right Now


2. My Entire Compilation of MS Run The US


1. Sharing My Tips To Mentally Crush That Last 10k of a Marathon!


-Three things you’re doing this weekend?!? —> teaching skiing, running 6 miles, doing some yoga!

-What are your favorite memories/ experiences from 2018?

-Give me some of your GOOD NEWS! I love to spread good news and would love to hear what yours is!