Last weeks training RUNdown 12/16-12/23

This long weekend went by way too fast. Anyone else feel this way?! I also feel that we should have an extra week or two between Christmas & New Years. Two holidays so close together just makes this week pass by way too fast. Last night we continued my family’s tradition of Italian food on Christmas Day- I made homemade Chicken Parmigiana and it was incredible.  


Then we proceeded to eat our weight in homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Warm cookies fresh out of the oven is my favorite.  


Also we did both cross country AND alpine skiing yesterday?!? We decided to start with a cross country ski on our lake trail (normally they groom it, but they didn’t yesterday).  


Then we decided to skin up the ski mountain that is basically right out our doorstep. I’m not sure when exactly, but someone created the ski area (with lifts and set trails) here at Stagecoach- unfortunately it never actually opened! Fortunately for us, it isn’t open and we are able to hike up it and ski down with basically fresh tracks. It really blows my mind that it took us two years to finally find this trail to hike up.  


We both definitely got spoiled with some amazing gifts yesterday and also really looking forward to spending some money that I got on some new running gear!  


Monday, 12/17- 5 miles easy at 8:38 60’ up. Originally this was supposed to be an easy 6 mile run, but I only had a short amount of time and decided why not make it a fun little temp-ish run. It was nice to run “faster” again! First time since Vegas!  



Tuesday, 12/18- 6.04 miles easy with 360’ up & 30 minutes of strength in the morning!  


Wednesday, 12/19: Rest Day! 

Thursday, 12/20: 6 miles easy with middle three miles at goal marathon pace (8:40, 8:21, 7:59). 10 minutes of strength  


Friday, 12/21- Skin up the ski mountain & 5 miles easy afterwards at 9:44 84’ up. This was probably one of the coldest runs I’ve done (4* out?!?) and I’m honestly pretty proud of that. I survived!  


Saturday, 12/22- 7 miles easy @ 11:06 625’ up & yoga. I’m trying to listen to my body more and slow down on my runs when I feel like I need it. No shame in slowing that pace down!  

Sunday, 12/23: 4.25 miles with alternating the incline from 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% and back down . 9:56 pace & 30 minutes of strength. All done after teaching skiing all day! Pretty happy that I still managed to get it done despite being tired (also my butt was SO SORE the next day!)  


Total Mileage: 33.29 miles  

Total Elevation: 1,129’ up 


How was your Holiday? 

Favorite homemade cookie?!? 

Favorite trail running shoe- I need some recommendations!