Weekend Recap & Little Fires Everywhere Book Review!

Happy Monday! Gosh this weekend we had BEAUTIFUL weather here. It honestly felt like Spring (aka it was 35* degrees and we were all out there wearing shorts…i kid….kind of ; ) ….). How was the weather where you were?!? We didn’t end up going to Winter Park (we may on Christmas Day though!), but got in a bunch of fun activities here.


Flashback to Friday afternoon at the Library. I think I *may* have over-estimated my fast reading abilities! Let’s see how many of these I can read in the two week period before I can renew them…


HI Mapes! All stretched out watching the best Christmas movie (in my opinion…)- Christmas Vacation!


Accompanied by some Hot Cocoa with mini marshmellows…a must in hot cocoa!


We also had some fun re-decorating our tree thanks to Brady. We actually set it back up not just once, but TWICE this weekend. Also I took down some ornaments in hopes that may he’ll be less tempted to try to climb it and knock it down again…


Saturday morning I had Alex take some photos for me (of me running, wearing my 2018 medals, etc.) and we also went out for a walk. It was so lovely out, I never wanted to come back in!


Followed up my 5 mile run with some recovery jasyoga! Then we watched the Incredibles 2 after dinner (we had the Bison Chili from RFCFES cookbook).


Sunday morning breakfast! Eggs + Avocado = perfection.


Another run on Sunday midmorning, then we met up for a walk down by the lake. They actually groom the trails in the winter so it’s pretty easy to walk above the snow (in most parts) and also super fun to cross country ski on them!


Followed by a Sunday afternoon of baking Spelt Banana Bread, going to the gym to get my strength in, teaching skating, and then making some Homemade Mac ‘n Cheese with Broccoli!



Book #17 of the year is complete! I LOVED Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It took me a while (around 100 pages) to get into the story and then I honestly couldn’t get enough of it! I stayed up way too late many nights reading and becoming captivated by her storytelling. She does such a great job of laying the groundwork of the characters in the beginning that by the time a large event happens, you’re so invested. It takes place in a rural Ohio town following multiple storylines of characters, so there really is something for everyone to relate to in this story. There are mixed-emotions between two families and I found the story (at times) so ironic. I also had no idea how each “fire” was going to be set (and by which character)! So good until the very end. I also thought her narrative and overall language used was very similar to Jodi Picoult’s.


Favorite Christmas Movie?

Hot cocoa—> what do you like in yours?

How do you like your eggs? —> normally scrambled with some spinach, onion, cheese, and a side of avocado!