Feature Friday: Checking In On Your Monthly Goals

Happy Friday! Last day of November! How are you spending it?!? It’s been the craziest week at work (normally the week after Black Friday is…) and I’m more-than-ready for the weekend. Also cannot wait to pick up our Christmas tree! I’m so happy that running is back in my life and while my mileage is low, it feels so good to just get in a few miles most days during the week. Anyone else put up their Christmas tree yet?!?

Let’s check back on my November goals before setting new ones for December:

November Goals:

  • Purchase only needs not wants- Basically check. This is MUCH harder to do when you go on Vacation, but I really didn’t purchase anything crazy!

  • Learn how to crochet- Done!

  • Hold a plank for 4 minutes

  • Cook Thanksgiving dinner!- Check!

  • Yoga 1x/ week- Almost check. During the first two weeks leading up to the race (and being sick) didn’t have as much yoga as I would have liked (i.e. none…)

  • Take 2 FULL WEEKS OFF from running after the race in Vegas -CHECK!

  • Make a recipe from scratch- nope. but I DID cook a Turkey so that totally counts for something.

Overall, I really did great in November. Going into the end of the year, I always feel like it’s more challenging to stay accountable with your goals so happy to have hit most of them. Also feeling really excited that I’ve stuck with my end-of-the-month checkins and working towards my 2018 goals! This is the first time that I’ve ever held myself accountable for what I wanted to work on for the year and really felt like each month I was making it happen.

December goals:

  • Stay present in the moment more

  • Read 1 book

  • Purchase only needs, not wants

  • Yoga 1x / week

  • Go skiing at a new-to-me mountain

  • Skin up the mountain twice

  • Make a snowman


Do you have your Christmas tree up?

Favorite Holiday cookie recipes- share them with me!

Three things you’re doing this weekend?