Photos From Our Long Weekend & Shoe Dog Book Review

Happy Monday! How was your Holiday weekend? I cannot believe that it’s the last weekend in November?!? Also we got a BUNCH of snow Saturday- finally our first good snowstorm in what feels like at least two years. We couldn’t even remember getting this much snow last year at all. Today is also a great day because I’m going to start running again! I’m building back up slowly and for the next 4 weeks (basically until Christmas), my mileage won’t peak above 33 miles per week and I think the longest run I’ll have is 7 miles. Much needed break before I begin my marathon training for Eugene! Let’s catch up on the long weekend shall we and then I’ve got another book review for you too.

Gym time. Mainly lifting some lift weights, lots of lunges, ab work (most days during the week), and balance-related things (I’ll post my full strength workout tomorrow!).


Longest plank held EVER!! So close to getting my 4:00 plank hold goal for this month!


Made our own movie theater with some popcorn (we did it on the stovetop in a pan and it was both equally fun + scary) and candy! Rented Wonder Woman at our local library (it was blue-ray which made the quality even better and a free resource for us!).


Lots of kitty cuddles.


Working on another goal for the month! I crocheted a coaster!


Lots of snow on Saturday. We did a long snowy walk and then spent the rest of the day cuddled up by the fire. It was MUCH needed!


New training plan is ready to go for Eugene- following Hanson’s Marathon Method again. I’ll share my plan on Thursday with you and also my goals for the late-Spring race!


Shoe Dog By Phil Knight Book Review - 5/5 stars


Normally sports books are some of my favorite (also really love reading autobiographies), so I knew that once I was able to read this one it would be something I enjoyed. However, I had NO idea I would like it this much. I know sometimes that autobiographies (especially ones when the author is a ‘business tycoon’ may be filtered, so obviously everything read needs to be taken with a grain of salt) can be really ‘in favor’ of the author, however the story behind Nike is mind-blowing.

I had NO idea how his idea came to become (he also has an MBA, so I felt like I could relate to him on some level) Nike, how many times they almost went bankrupt, and how they made their ideas into reality. It also centers around Eugene/ Beaverton, OR (which is where my marathon will be held in April), which got me even more excited my race knowing more of the history behind the city (along with Nike itself).

I did think that the ending felt a bit rushed, but the entire journey from its fruitition to becoming a multi-million dollar company (and beyond by now) was amazing. Phil also blends in how running helped him brainstorm, relive stress, and work out business deals- also something I could easily relate to. This book was definitely a page-turner for me and I already can’t wait to re-read it (probably right before the marathon ; ) ….). I’ve never been a huge fan of Nike (and definitely still have some qualms), however this did provide me some appreciation for it!


Ever read Shoe Dog?

Five things you did this weekend?

Snow- do you love it?! Anyone else get a snowstorm this weekend?