Book Review: Eat & Run By Scott Jurek

Happy Tuesday! Only one more work day for me this week- YAY! Does anyone else have a long weekend? Anyone traveling? I’m definitely missing my family this time of year, but also happy to not have to have the stress of traveling this time of year. Let’s recap my yesterday, shall we?

Back in the pool yesterday for the first time in over a month! 30 minutes and almost 3/4 of a mile swam!


They’re patently waiting for Alex to get home from Salt Lake today….


Grown-up grilled cheese (I added spinach & avocado so it’s grown up now ; ) …) for dinner because I’m an adult and that’s all that sounded good.


Yoga & Coffee to kickstart my Tuesday morning (followed by an epsom salt soak)!


I recently finished Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run and I really LOVED it. I actually devoured it in less than 2 weeks. This book was so enlightening on his chidhood (I really enjoyed the section on where he talks about his motivation to start running & also on his mother’s MS diagnosis/ treatment & his journey towards obtaining his Physical Therapy degree).


I felt like I could relate to Scott a lot throughout this book and it was also amazing to read his journey with food and how it affected him. It really got me thinking about trying to go heavier on certain food groups and less on others (dairy mainly I think) to see how it helps my athletic performance. I also really enjoyed to read about ultra marathons through his eyes. He’s super open and honest throughout this book and I’m definitely thinking about adding a 50-miler to my race calendar next year!!

I really enjoyed his book that came out earlier this year (North) and glad that I read them in this sequence- although I think either way the books really mesh together nicely. I’m not a huge fan of anything in really “diet” terms, but the book is so much more than just food-related. Highly recommend if you’re interested in running, ultras, veganism, or Scott himself.


Ever read any of Scott Jureks books?

Are you able to swim outside in the winter?

Grilled cheese- yay or nay and favorite way to eat them?