What day is it & the BEST way to recover post-race

Hello! You know you’ve been on vacation awhile when you’re unsure what day it is. It’s Tuesday, right? I’m at the airport heading back to Colorado (that 3am alarm was pretty fun...) and am NOT ready to be off vacation just yet. I’ll have a full race recap for you later this week, but I didn’t PR (..bummer). I’m not super upset with my results because I still had a great time. Sometimes you have breakthrough races and sometimes you don’t. I’ve learned that the small setbacks normally just set you up with a BIG breakthrough moment later on. So until that day comes, here’s a few photos from our trip and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of my last week of training before the race! 

 Running in the Grand Canyon!


We saw Céline Dion! It was AMAZING!  


Flat runner for the 5k!  


13.1 ready!  


The BEST way to recover post race- S’mores Mocha latte!   



how was your weekend?!? 

Its Tuesday, right? 

favorite way to recover post race?!?