This Sickness Is No Fun & I Need Your Recommendations!

Happy Friday-eve! I hope your week is going better than mine. I have been sick since Monday and it’s continuously gotten worse! Boo. No fun being sick and it’s even worse when you hope to wake up the next day feeling better and then… you don’t. Hoping that with the extra sleep I’ve been getting and the 10+ cups of tea I’ve been drinking a day that I’ll start to feel better soon. At least I’m getting a lot of kitty cuddles in…


Since this week is my taper, I have only 5 days of running scheduled (which is nice since I’ve felt so crummy that I’ve gotten out only once for a run this week). I went out for a really easy (goal was to keep my heart rate way down) 60 minute on Tuesday afternoon, which felt really nice. I’m hoping to get out for another 60 minute easy run this afternoon and then crossing my fingers that I feel good enough on Friday afternoon to get my speedwork in. If not, I’ll skip my speedwork this week and put in some easy miles instead. I’ve put in the work in the previous weeks (not skipping any runs or shortening them), so I just have to keep reminding myself of that when my confidence gets low!

Tuesday Run Views. So Grateful to live here!

Tuesday Run Views. So Grateful to live here!

Also super pumped to be joining Runner4cake and Laura.Runs.Co on Planksgiving! Who else is joining in?!?


I also LOVE the Today Show’s casts Halloween costume reveals every year. Like I honestly look forward to them and make sure that I can tune-in to the show when it’s Halloween. Their costumes are so good and Dylan as Marty from Back To The Future -amazing.

Since I’ve been decreasing the amount of sugar leading up to the race (i.e. I did not have ONE PIECE OF HALLOWEEN CANDY?!?!?), I need your recommendations on some good shops in Las Vegas to get my sugar-fix post-race!


Halloween costumes- did you dress up? What was the best costumes you saw this year?!

Planksgiving- are YA IN?!

Kitten cuddles- best thing ever? YES or YES.

Candy/ Cookie/ Cupcake Store recommendations in Vegas - GO!