Weekend Recap & Ladies- Does THIS Ever Happen To You?

Happy Monday! I woke up bright and early this morning after a less-than-great sleep (I feel like this always happens to me come Sunday night - anyone else feel this way??). Got in a good strength session, meditated, caught up on the news/weather, and got in a 6 mile easy recovery run BEFORE 6:30am! It’s always so difficult to get up early, but I really love the feeling of accomplishing so much before most are even awake.

Let’s rewind back to Friday afternoon, shall we? Or well actuallly…we should probably go back to Friday morning where I slept through my 3 alarms so Friday afternoon was first consumed of 7 easy recovery miles in the pouring rain (followed by a Almond Milk Hot Cocoa from Starbucks/ quick change in their bathroom (ha…) to get to the Spa to get a new gel manicure)!


I really save these manicures/pedicures for special occasions (i.e. a few times a year) and we’re getting our engagement photos done on Friday of this week (hoping my nails last that long! So far, so good…) so this definitely was a SPECIAL occasion.


Saturday morning consisted of a slower morning with some strength work and coffee (and Stella cuddles). Also catching Brady in his natural environment- the Fridge.


Finding out that it SNOWED on the ski mountain (no snow to report where we live yet, but it could be coming THIS AFTERNOON?!?!).


Then I finally got out of the door around 8:30 for my 14.1 mile long run on the trails down by the lake. I really bundled up for this run and shed almost every layer by the last few miles (I’m really terrible at layering when it’s even just a little bit chilly out (at least for the first few months of cold weather running then it’s 30* in March and I’m out there wearing shorts and a t-shirt?!?). It was so beautiful Fall-like weather out there and perfect cloudy day!


The rest of Saturday was spent mainly relaxing (we also did some grocery shopping)- recovered in a hot Epsom Salt Bath while catching up on This Is Us (I’m finally into Season 2 and IT IS SO GOOD) and sipping coconut water from a wine glass because YOLO?


Also the rest of Saturday was spent with raging hormones. Anyone else ever get this way?!? Mine are never normally this bad (i.e. crying for absolutely no reason and getting upset over the Hot Cocoa that Alex got…. sorry Alex - gosh he is way too good for me), but thinking it must have been linked to my diet the last weekend?!? (If I eat even a little bit more sugar, then I find it’s way worse). I NEED TO KNOW - am I the only one like this or does it happen to you too?!?

Did anyone run the Chicago Marathon (or any other race this past weekend)?!? —> We watched the Chicago Marathon Sunday morning and WOW. I thought Mo Farah was so AMAZING and so so happy that he finally snagged a World Marathon Majors title. Also Brigid Kosgei ran SO FAST. She absolutely dominated the field and a mother of five (I think?) - so spectacular for yet another Rainy WMM.

Have a great Monday!