Mountain Monday- Mt. Elbert 14,440'

Hello from Maine! I knew you are waiting on the edge of your seats for my Mtn Monday post and I didn't want to let you down! Forgive me for any funky misspellings or odd format views- currently writing this post from the Newark Airport during my 3.5 hour delay (insert eye roll)!  

I wanted to share with you my first 14er that I hiked several years ago (SOLO!) because although it was the highest 14,000 foot mountain in the Rockies, it's also one of the easiest! This hike took me roughly 4.5 hours and I started it around 8am (later than I would recommend)! My skaters had a competition in Vail, so I decided to take advantage of that and drive the 1.5 hour drive from Vail to Leadville!  


The scenery almost the entire hike was stunning (I hiked it in mid-July), but it was definitely pretty crowded!  


There was still snow everywhere on the actual hike and the road out to the trailhead was pretty rocky dirt roads (I drove slow and my civic made it out there just fine).  


I would say that in-shape older children could do this hike and I'd recommend trying to score one of the campsites along the road that leads to trailhead (so you can get an early start). Also if you can swing to do it during the week, when there are less crowds, I would!! It's a great beginner 14er (it still is very challenging) and make sure to give yourself 5-6 hours to complete the full  7.6 mile round trip . 

not my dog but look how cute?!?!

not my dog but look how cute?!?!

Happy Hiking!

Have you ever hiked a 14er? Have a favorite?

Any must-do hikes for Fall that you would recommend?

Favorite way to pass time in an airport?