Last long run & Saturday Wrap-Up

My last "long" run was Saturday and it was beautiful out! I slept in and got out for 8 miles around my 'hood (normally it's pretty hilly/ mix of trails, so I try not to do my longer runs on this). Not a cloud in the sky yesterday!

The trail winds around the lake for a total of 10 miles, so I managed to get about 5 miles in on the trails. It's crazy to think that this was my last 8 miler and that I started my training cycle with 8 miles. 

The rest of the day was spent cooking up some goodies and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! 

Alex's dad is here visiting, so we are heading off to the Riverfest today and hitting up some local shops! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Long sun Saturday or Sunday?

Favorite things to do on the weekend?

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!