Thursday Things & What I'm Currently Reading!

You know when you sometimes just aren't in the mood to do something? For me, it was not wanting to run this morning. Or well, let me rephrase that. I WANTED to run, but my stomach was definitely not feeling it and that altered my mood. I knew that if my stomach could hold it together during my run, at least my mind would feel more clear (even if my stomach didn't). So, I slept in a bit (trying to get as much sleep as possible leading up to the race next weekend) and then headed out 30 minutes later than normal for my run. It was stunning outside!

Let's back up a little though and talk about my amazing snack that I had last night before bed. Whole wheat toast with crunchy PB, honey drizzle, and a few chocolate chips. 


So, now fast forward to my run. I managed to get out 4 miles- felt better overall, but my stomach still felt all funky. Chocking it up to something I ate yesterday and hope it makes a turn for the better today!

Also totally loving my momentum bracelet that I got at a local running store the other day! Perfect reminder for me to dig deep when things get tough and the bracelet material is breathable and I don't even notice it's there on my run (unless I look at it to remind me to keep pushing). I had another bracelet that I somehow misplaced over the summer and it was customized to a motivational saying that I picked out (and custom band color too). Still on the search for it and hope to come across it sometime soon....

I grabbed breakfast from Starbucks this morning since my stomach wasn't liking the idea of yogurt and got a sprouted bagel and iced tea. Put some peanut butter and banana on it and boom. happy runner breakfast (slightly less angry stomach).

Switching topics!: What I'm Currently Reading

Lost on the Appalachian Trail by Kyle Rohrig (you can find it here). I've got about 150 pages left of the book and it is definitely a big novel! I absolutely love any thru-hiking related books and typically devour them quickly, however this one is a large book and small print so it's taken me over a month to get 200 pages into it (I normally read before going to sleep and sometimes can only make it through a page or two before I'm OUT). It's a really detailed account and I think it would be a great read for anyone currently thru-hiking the AT or getting ready to. I'm mainly excited to get to his recaps of hiking through the White Mountains & Maine (since that's where I grew up and absolutely love hiking when I visit)! 

Leaving you with this stunning early morning shot of my run this morning!

What kind of books do you like to read? Any good recommendations?

What's the weather like where you are? Anything fun planned for the weekend?

Favorite night-time snack?