Run recap & 10 favorite podcasts

This mornings run was magical. It was one of those perfect overcast (and fairly warm- low 50's) morning and I headed out to Strawberry Park- a pretty hilly run with not much traffic (there are more cows than cars) and a favorite of mine. 

By Thursday, it's always hard to wake up early as I'm tired and drained from the week, but when I remind myself that I get to "sleep in" (relative term: I wake up at 6:45) tomorrow morning that gets me out of bed and when I experience mornings like this it makes it all worth it. 

While I was running (and listening to one of my favorite podcasts...we'll get to that in a minute), I started thinking about how I was planning to go to hot yoga tonight because I feel like I needed that zen-like-feel that you only get (or well maybe I only get..) from yoga and then I GOT that same feeling on my run. It was so quiet and peaceful out, the air felt wonderful, I was relaxed, and when I finished- I felt refreshed (almost exactly like what I feel after leaving a yoga session)! 

Love when my recovery time is on-point for my next run!

Love when my recovery time is on-point for my next run!

Easy-paced miles to get me ready for my last double-digit run before Revel Rockies in 17 DAYS!

I did a few strength training workouts (2 x 10 dips on the assisted pull-up machine (20 Ib weight), 2 x 10 single-leg calf raises (10 Ib weight) on the seated leg press, 2 x 30 side squats with band, 2 x 1 minute planks) then finished up with 10 minutes of soaking in the hot springs (so thankful to be able to rejuvenate in a natural hot springs!). I was super hungry so I grabbed a bagel with cream cheese and coffee before heading into work. 

Now, onto my top ten favorite podcasts to listen to while on the run!:

  • Runner's World Podcast : This is one my favorites! I honestly look forward to my Thursday morning runs where a new show is released and their stories are always really entertaining and thought-provoking. Also, I've loved listening to David Willey's Moonshot series and can't wait to hear his hopefully BQ-qualifying story!
  • Ali on the Run ShowThis show is so amazing and I never thought I'd meet another lover of Celine Dion, but Ali is one! She combines both personal stories regarding running and includes some great interviews with well-known runners (can't wait until her interview with Natalie Morales comes out). This show is great for shorter runs (since most of her podcasts are ~25-30 minutes) and it typically comes out twice a week!
  • Sounds of the TrailThis podcast isn't running-related, but that's why I love it! It follows different thru-hikers each year as they attempt to finish their trail (CDT, PCT, AT) and overcome obstacles and interview fellow hikers. I love how honest and funny they are and their being out in the woods brings me both peace and envy of them. 
  • Another Mother RunnerYes, "technically" I'm not a child-mom, BUT I am Stella's mom and this running-related podcast is great for long runs. They interview many different runners on varying topics (favorite one that I just recently listened to was interviewing Elyse Kopecky from Run Fast Eat Slow) and they're normally at least an hour long. 
  • Wait Wait....Don't Tell Me!This game-show based on news that happened throughout the week is funny and helps take my mind off of the run (when I'm struggling or need something more upbeat). They also have celebrities on a guests every week and I actually try not to listen to live on the air on NPR so I can have the podcast to listen to on my runs later that week. 
  • SerialYou knew it was coming! When a new season is out, I CANNOT put it down! I will listen to it non-stop on my runs, in the car, when I'm cooking, etc. until I finish. Alex loves to listen to it too so I'll try to wait until we have roadtrips together, but often times I can't wait and then just listen to it again. If you haven't started listening to it, you have to. It's like a real-life mystery unfolding in each podcast. 
  • S-TownThis one is put-together by the same producers as Serial and was pretty good (and similar mystery-drama), but honestly didn't come close to how great Serial was (they set the bar PRETTY high). I listened to this one on mid-length runs and it also helped the time pass on long drives (when we went to New Mexico). 
  • TED Radio HourComprised of TED talks about everything from the 7 Deadly Sins to How Things Spread and each podcast is really thought-provoking. If I want to get "in the zone" on the run, I'll choose a topic and download it or if we're going on a roadtrip (or backpacking/camping) , I'll go through and download a few topics that interest us. 
  • Outside PodcastThis one has so many great options to pick and choose from and is great for a short (typically 30 minutes) run. They just launched their XX factor series that focuses on women in the outdoors and they are really amazing and inspiring stories. Their first story in the series was about Arlene Blum (my idol) who led an all-women's ascent of Annapurna (the world's tenth-highest peak) in 1978. Her book Annapurna: A Women's Place is definitely my top-five favorite books ever. 
  • The Bernie Sanders ShowMaybe not always the best podcast to listen to while running, it's nice to switch it up once and a while and well...because it's Bernie. He has guests on his show that shed on light on important political topics (favorite one was with Bill Nye talking about Climate Change). It's a great thought-provoking show to help get your mind out of the gutter on the run. 

There you have it! My top 10 favorite podcasts to listen to while running, driving, cooking, hiking, camping, etc. You can listen to the podcasts on the links that I provided OR you can download them via iTunes or apple's podcast app (which is what I do). Happy Thursday and go download some new podcasts!

Favorite podcast to listen to?

What do you listen to when you're running?

Favorite way to relax and unwind? Yoga? Running? Meditation? Walk?