Beginning the taper

Alright. I am determined to not let the taper-crazies get to me this training cycle! I have officially begun tapering and have less than 3 weeks until race day. Today I slept in until 8:30- I can't remember the last time I slept that late, but it was definitely needed! We made breakfast (avocado smash on a sesame bagel & egg on top) then I went to work meal prepping for the week. Chicken & Rice Soup for lunches, roasted a whole chicken for use in both the soup & chicken tacos we'll have this week, baked sweet potatoes for breakfasts, and green egg frittatas for breakfast!


The chicken was possibly the best one I've ever done- melted 3-4 tablespoons in the pan & brushed it onto the chicken. Topped the chicken with thyme, garlic, oregano, rosemary, and fennel seeds. Recipe for the green egg fritata will be posted up on the recipe page shortly!

After cooking and had a small window where the rain let-up (it's been overcast and rainy all weekend), we headed down to the lake (about a mile from where we live) and did a 3 mile easy run! It was a great way to shake out my legs from yesterdays long run and recover. 

Stella was pretty angry (hangry maybe?) at us towards the end and we kinda had to drag her back (seen in the photo above). Sorry Stells....

After our run, I headed to the skating club's ice show- it was super cute and concluded the end of our season until summer! Then I saw this fantastic bald eagle on my drive home. It really is the little things in life you guys....

Just left Alex in charge of the feta spinach stuffed chicken and maple roasted brussel sprouts for dinner and it kinda smells like something may be burning...gotta go! Have a great Sunday eve!

Favorite recovery methods the day after a long run? 

Any good meal prep recipes you care to share?