April mileage and family run day!

And just like that our weekend comes to a close and it's Sunday night- I really wish we included Fridays as part of the weekend... it would make a huge difference! Started off the day with Alex making us banana protein pancakes and bacon- YUM. They were so delicious and then we went about some Sunday morning chores (re-potting some plants, hanging photos in our new place, meal-prep, laundry, etc.). It was finally SUNNY out again so we ventured outside with Stella and went for a short run together down by the lake. 

It was around 41 degrees out, but felt amazing since this was the first run this week that I did outside. It's looking like it may snow again the first part of the week, but I am determined to only run on the treadmill ONCE this whole week- beat that mother nature! I prepped dinner for the night (sweet potato salmon cakes from Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook) and finished prepping my breakfast & lunches for the week (egg muffins, sausage, & sweet potatos for breakfast / coconut peanut butter noodle salads for lunch). Our afternoon consisted of a nap, some reading, and then I headed off to my last Sunday afternoon teaching ice skating until the Fall (YAY- I get full Sundays off for a while). 

Frying up some sweet potato salmon cakes in coconut oil!

Frying up some sweet potato salmon cakes in coconut oil!

Now time for some relaxing before a quick 4-day week of work. I am SO excited for the Run for the Zoo 1/2 in Albuquerque next Sunday and thinking that this could be a PR for me, but depends on how I'm feeling and the weather- having fun is the most important! :) 


April Mileage- 130.15 miles! 

I am SO PUMPED about this mileage for the month of April. I never felt like I was pushing myself or have felt burned out at any point during this training cycle thus far (which I normally always feel at some point). This also includes the first week of April where I was only doing 3 or 4 milers coming back from being in the hospital the last week of March for my kidney infection and anemia (hoping to do a post on this real soon!). I am feeling strong and ready to see what the month of May has in store for me!


Do you keep track of your mileage each month?

Prefer to do your easy runs with others or by yourself?

How's the weather in your corner of the world?!