Cooking Saturday & 4 easy miles

Today was one of those perfect Saturdays where I felt relaxed, slept in, got everything done that I wanted to, and had the perfect dinner with my bae and wine! YUM!

Fuel before my workout! Sourdough bread, Justin's Peanut Butter, Bananas, Chia Seeds, and Honey Stinger Honey

Fuel before my workout! Sourdough bread, Justin's Peanut Butter, Bananas, Chia Seeds, and Honey Stinger Honey

After sleeping in and turning off my alarm (no hot yoga for me...whoops!), I made it to the gym and did an easy 4 miles on simulated hills (it was 20 degrees out- I'm definitely over running outside with all the layers, mittens, and a hat!) then did a few rounds of strength work of weighted leg extensions, tricep extensions, and curtises with rotations on the pulley cords. Then I moved over to the barbell and did some squats (first started with just the bar then added on 50 Ibs. weights- two sets) and finished with 2 rounds of dips!

Alex met me at the hot springs and we soaked for a bit- best way to end any hard workout! I then headed home and began cooking up a storm!

I started with making some Ginger-Molasses Quick Bread from Run Fast Eat Slow's cookbook (OBSESSED with this recipe!). Molasses is really great at improving iron levels (which I definitely need right now as I am struggling with Anemia)- I'll take any excuse to have bread as a snack! I added in a few mini chocolate chips because why not :)

Then I made some Sweet Cinnamon Tahini Butter and started by toasting some raw sesame seeds (made a double-batch of this stuff and it was SUPER easy to do!). I then made my way to making some peanut butter coconut sauce for my lunches for the next week and prepped some Teff Double Chocolate Cookies (they're cooling now- can't wait to test those out!). I'm also hoping that there will be a few cookies left by the end of the week to fuel me through my half marathon on Sunday :) Then I made some Minestrone Soup with Chorizo & Kidney Beans- YUM YUM YUM! This recipe was amazing and I used up one of the parmesan rinds that I had been saving to use in a simmering soup. Paired this soup tonight with a glass of wine and that caps off a perfect Saturday night!

Lately Saturday afternoons have been our movie dates- we watched Fantastic Beasts today and it was pretty good! Definitely doesn't stand a chance against any Harry Potter, but still entertaining! Last week we watched Hidden Figures and it was AMAZING!

Any other good movies we should watch?

How was your Saturday? Do you prefer to get some chores done today or save them all for tomorrow?

Favorite running cookbook suggestions?

Happy weekend!