Friday Feature- Why Running Las Vegas Will Be Extra Special & 5 Things I'm Doing This Weekend

I recently came across this article posted on Women's Running Magazine and it really got me thinking how the events that occurred on October 1st has made running on the strip even more special. While the starting location was set to begin at the same site that the incident occurred, it has since moved (but not yet announced where the new location will be). I am (of course) excited to still have the opportunity to run, but now I actually have more drive to run for those that lost their lives or were seriously injured that fateful night at the country music festival.

I will channel any pain that I have back onto the strip and push through because I CAN. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to run and not back down when it comes to gun violence. I will stand with other runners on that starting line and utilize that as a platform to stand-up against the atrocity that occurred October 1st.

Every day someone could find a reason to be scared, but I will not let those who chose violence over love and compassion get me down.  


With Alex away (guy's weekend at the casino), Stella and I are on our own, so it's a perfect time to catch-up on all those Fall things that I've yet to do (or well...more like chores that still need to get done):

  1. Jewelry making for my MS Run The US fundraiser! I can't wait to share with you my finished products and sell them at the Artisan Fair here at the beginning of December!
  2. Collecting items to do an online garage sale, also for a MS Run The US fundraiser. There's definitely quite a few items that already come to mind that I've been dying to get rid of...
  3. Napping. A LOT of napping will be going down. We also just got our Casper mattress (, so any excuse to lay down I'm taking right now ; )
  4. Cooking up some goodies. I'm thinking I may make these Cheddar, Bacon, and Green Onion cornbread and some chili (we also just made chili last week), but it's my favorite meal come Fall!
  5. Going out for a hike. Not sure where yet (or how the weather will be), but I need my fix of trails this weekend!


Any fun plans this weekend? 

Any good recipes that I should make or fundraising ideas? I need more!